1. Analyzing systematic inequities in the criminal justice system- A community participatory survey

The purpose of this survey is to better understand how communities deal with and comprehend systemic inequities caused by the criminal justice system. Your responses will help us better understand the stressors and cultural traumas caused by these systems and the needed support and changes in the community moving forward. 

2. Opioid addiction survey

In order to fulfillour mission, and address the current opioid epidemic that is destroying our community, MDYC is partnering with the City of Minneapolis Health Department and Generation Hope to better understand how to implement the preventative programming as well as bring the appropriate resources to our community. We respectfully ask you all to join us in taking part of this survey. Upon the completion of this survey a report with the finding and recommendations will be developed that is intended to bring awareness to the community, the impacted families and our local representatives. As you take this survey, if you have any questions and/or need clarification please contact us at We thank you for taking this important step with us as we find more robust and culturally appropriate solution to mitigate the current opioid epidemic.”




NuRturing Our Future